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Hipatia - Free knowledge in action for the people of the world

Open Letter from Hipatia to the Governments, Social Movements, and Citizens of the world

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Hipatia writes to WSF on its information policy

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Hipatia is supporting this declaration calling on wipo to change its name and mission. hipatia invites you to join in.

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About Hipatia

Software without borders. Knowledge without frontiers, that is Hipatia. We strive to have free knowledge, in action for towns and villages of the world.

Hipatia came up as a spontaneous coordination of people from all around the world that share a vision and a goal. And the vision is to have a global knowledge society based on freedom, equity and solidarity. Manifesto of Hipatia outlines this vision in detail.

Hipatia people want to:

To make this goals reality hipatia people promote:

About Hypatia

Hypatia of Alexandria was a philosopher, mathematician, and a great teacher who lived in Alexandria. Daughter of Theon, the last fellow of the Library of Alexandria, Hypatia surpassed her father in very young age. Driven by the passion for knowledge she stood for freedom and spirit of scientific enquiry. Spreading of knowledge was important for her. She went around the city talking to people, discussed with other scholers, and took students from many parts of the country.

Discovering and sharing knowledge is not something with every one is happy about. Hypatia became victim of tyranny of such people. She had to become martyr for freedom, freedom in all respects.

Along with the great daughter of Alexandria, Hypatia, one of the most important centre of knowledge went into oblivion. Shortly after tragic death of Hypatia, even the last remnants of Library of Alexandria were destroyed. And Europe went into a 'Dark age'. It took several hundred years and sacrifice of many men and women to escape from that darkness.

Hipatian's bow before these great men and women whose sacrifices brought us the freedom and development we enjoy today. We realise that this freedom is not irreversible and it is up to each one of us to defend this freedom. We promise to to take effort in defence of freedom in all respect and freedom of knowledge in particular.

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